Au Revoir Twitter

Social Media, Technology

I wrote this article in June of 2010. I have since rejoined Twitter. I have left this post as a reflection of my sentiments at the time.

Close to a year ago, at the urging of a friend, I delved into the social media phenom that is Twitter. At first I was completely aloof and confused as how the social networking site worked. #TT ‘s (trending topics), hashtags, followers and the 140 character limit threw me for a loop. However, after much hard “tweeting”, twitter stalking, wikipedia research, following and unfollowing I became a bonified Twitter addict. Recently, however, my “tweeting” has come to a head. Instead of reviewing notes after class, I found myself on Twitter checking the latest Twitter beef and instead of instead of studying, I found myself “going in” on the latest #tt (trending topic). I even found myself inserting hashtags and trending topics like #dontjudgeme and #wheretheydothatat into text messages and papers.

For those reasons, and many more, yesterday I “tweeted” my last tweet and laid my Twitter apps to rest. How long my Twitter hiatus will last I do not know. A week? Two? A month? Only time will tell. Until then I will do my best to stop creating trending topics in my head and re-downloading Twitbird.

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