Word Clouds


Recently, President Obama addressed the nation in the annual State of the Union address. Afterwards, pundits, political analysts and networks began dissecting the President’s remarks and measuring public reaction. NPR challenged individuals to give 3-word responses to the speech via Twitter. NPR received over 4,000 responses and recorded them with a “word cloud” generator.

The responses, arranged by the word cloud, were typical and ranged from “inspiring” to “blah”. However, the generator, used to create the graphics, can best be described as “pretty darn cool.”

After a little research I found that there are several free generators floating around on the web. Nevertheless, Wordle is the front-runner. After submitting your words of choice your are easily able to change the size, layout, color and font of your cloud. Drawbacks very little options when it comes to saving your created image. The closer runner up, Tagxedo, offers the ability to transform the cloud into stunning images. It, however, requires a download, unlike Wordle.

In some circles, word cloud generators may be old news. Nevertheless, they are still pretty cool and would make a great addition to any Prezi or PowerPoint.

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