No Cell Phone For A Week (An Involuntary Experiment)

Research, Technology

Earlier this week, without warning, my Droid X went kaput. After speaking with Asurion, a mobile insurance company, I was told my phone was on backorder and wouldn’t be available for another 3-7 days. Thus began my involuntary experiment.

Rather than rehash tales reminiscent of  similar experiments, I would like to point out the sole factor that has really pestered me all week.

  1. Time. Without my cellphone I find myself loosing track of time. I have to leave earlier than normal for class and depend on the ebb and flow of students in the halls/on the sidewalks to determine whether I’m late  or not. Additionally, because I used my phone as an alarm, I have had to depend on online programs, family members and friends for wakeup calls.

Other than that, my experiment has been rather chill. Without the distraction of a cellphone I have focused better in class and found more “me” time, that is time to read, blog, watch tv and relax. Likewise, I have gotten more studying and homework done than I have in a long time.

Below is an interesting article I found about businessmen, celebrities and academicians alike, all forgoing the cellphone.

Businessweek- America’s Most Exclusive Club

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