Lessons in Promotions: Poker Hall Poker Night


The final product. Over 25 flyers were posted throughout the building. Likewise, the flyer was "twitpic'd" using the Paty Hall twitter account (@PatyHall).

Earlier this month I helped one of my fellow RAs plan his building-wide program. In addition to arranging the catering, I decided to create a flyer for the program, something that was typically reserved for our graduate assistant. I figured it would be a great opportunity to play around with Adobe InDesign and Illustrator and build proficiency in the programs, both of which add value to public relations, advertising and marketing majors such as me.

Paty Hall Poker Tourney. That’s the program we settled on. Below are more details.

Inspiration: Most residence hall programs feature some sort of educational component. Our program’s focus was Gambling Education. The connection between gambling and poker was natural. The image used mimics the logo often used by the  popular World Series of Poker tourney  oft featured on ESPN 2.

Problems: As I mentioned, it was my first time using Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. Therefore, it took me close to two hours to complete the flyer. Using Illustrator I ran into difficulty erasing  and aligning text and finding a decent font among other things.

Also,  I could have made better use of “white space.” Lastly, I should have placed the image in a higher-impact zone-that is, move the image from the right corner to the left corner.

Thoughts? Any tips on ad design or learning InDesign and Illustrator?

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