I’m Joining the Crimson White as a Community Manager

Community Engagement, Marketing

I had originally scheduled this post for April 28th. I postponed the post after the devastating  tornado swept through Tuscaloosa on April 27th.

Recently I was selected to be Community Manager (CM) at The Crimson White (CW). As CM I’ll lead the Community Engagement (CE) Team, a small team that coordinates The Crimson White’s social media efforts. Likewise, the team serves as a “street team” for the CW, promoting the newspaper in the campus community. Ultimately, the team’s goal is to connect the student body with The Crimson White. Furthermore, the team strives not only to disseminate news  but to solicit and aggregate information as well.

I look forward to the approaching year. I hope to continue the awesome model set by my predecessors. Likewise, I hope to implement a few new initiatives of my own in order to engage the campus community, learn and gain valuable experience.

Do you have any suggestions for the CE team? What have we done well? What can we do better?

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