Are Turtles Blog-worthy?


As many of  you all know, I have a pet snapping turtle, Cabeca. Since receiving my first pet turtle in high school, I’ve been what my Twitter bio describes as “enthused”. I’ve spent a pretty penny on tank setups, food and supplies. Likewise, I’ve spent hours scouring blogs for information on snapper diets, habitats and needs.

Recently, I made the decision to blog about my turtle experiences and aggregate all the information I have found. I’ve created a blog, catchy theme and snazzy url to match, however I’m having second thoughts. Will people read it? How many people share my interests? Will I have time to blog regularly? How can I be creative/innovative when blogging about a reptile?

At the moment, the turtle blog launch is on hold. I plan to make a decision in the next few weeks, however.

What do you think? Are turtles blog-worthy?

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