My Book List, No Frills About it

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No frills here. Just the plethora of books I have on my reading list for this summer. The majority relate to social media, sociology, leadership or business and they’ve all come highly recommended. Feel free to give them a look-over, I may post a review or two later this summer.

1. Socialnomics [Erik Qualman]
2. The Whuffie Factor [Tara Hunt]
3. Freakonomics [Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner]
4. Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom [Cory Doctorow]
5. Brand You! [Michael R. Solomon & Kim Richmond]
6. The 4-Hour Work Week [Tim Ferriss]
7. Delivering Happiness [Tony Hsieh]
8. Let My People Go Surfing [Yvon Chouinard]
9. The Otheracheivers [Alexandra Robbins]
10. Connected [James Fowler]
11. The Social Animal [David Brooks]
12. Toy Box Leadership [Ron Hunter, Jr. & Michael Waddell]
13. Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law [Associated Press]
14. Where Good Ideas Come From [Steven Johnson]
15. Groundswell [Charlene Li & Josh Bernoff]
16. Enchantment [Guy Kawaski]

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