Thou Must Not Tweet Everything

Community Engagement

A few notes I thought I’d share after live-tweeting AMA-Atlanta’s June Signature Luncheon:
  1. Thou must not tweet everything. Don’t fill compelled to transcribe the entire presentation in a barrage of 140 characters.
  2. Use a pen and pencil to jot down tweetable information. This helps in the case your thumbs aren’t up to speed and you can’t tweet as fast as you’d like.
  3. Be familiar with your presenter and the topic at hand. Less time spent googling the presenter to make sure you spelled his/her name right means more time tweeting.
  4. Use the specified blogger or tweet table. Sitting here makes you look less like a jerk who’s obsessed with his/her iPhone.
  5. Use the specified hashtags. Hashtags allow you to see what other people at the event are saying.
  6. Retweet. If you missed a cool quote or quip, its okay to retweet the guy three tables over.

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