My Internship Experience, Puggle and All

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Any marketing agency or PR firm can tout itself as an “award-winning” firm with a “rewarding” internship program. But it’s a laudable firm that takes the interning experience beyond coffee and copies, phone duty and errands.communications 21 (c21), is one of those exceptional firms.

My adventure as a c21 social media intern began with an admonishing round of “Don’t call me ma’ams”, quick tour of the mod office space, a puggle snafu, energetic team meeting and several quick-fire training sessions.

Despite a nerve-racking first day, the past four weeks have been an incredible experience. I have had the opportunity to complete a variety of tasks for a number of clients. Email marketing, social media strategy, media relations, sports organizations, nonprofits and professional organizations – you name it, I’ve done it.

Though often complex and demanding, the numerous tasks I work on daily have afforded me the opportunity no student-organization, class project or part-time job can.

I’ve learned how to glean just about every piece of information from CisionPoint and discern the slightest drop in click through rates for an email marketing report. Likewise, I’ve learned not everyone is a fan of oatmeal, chocolate is a PR professional’s best friend, transferring calls is a lot harder than it looks, not all WYSIWYG editors are created equal and an AP Stylebook can pimp out any PR workplace.

Chocolate and AP Stylebook in hand I’m looking forward to the next four weeks. Bring on the crowded clip reports, snarky bloggers and tricky WYSIWYG editors. With c21’s supportive environment, I’m sure it won’t be a problem.

About Malcolm

Malcolm Cammeron is a rising senior at The University of Alabama where he is a marketing major and Spanish minor. Malcolm is very involved on campus serving as community manager for The Crimson White, the student newspaper, and communications director for Sales Ambassadors. He also is an honors student and is active in several leadership organizations.

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