It ain’t what you think


Tell me everything you think about selling and the sales profession in 10 seconds. Go!

Odds are the images that came to mind weren’t too appealing. Many of the old stereotypes — you know, that of the sleazy used car salesman, aggressive Type As and door-to-door salesman — still exist.

I, too, held on to many of the above stereotypes for quite sometime — that is until I took MKT 337. The class challenges traditional thinking and breaks down the sales process to a T.

Since taking the course I’ve been able to use the process in a variety of ways, including pitching to bloggers during my public relations internship this summer.

Likewise, MKT 337 spurred me to get involved with the Sales Program. Because of this, I now serve as Communications Director of the Sales Ambassadors, the recruiting arm of the Sales Program.

Interested in sales? The Sales Specialization is available to all marketing majors. In addition, the Sales Certificate is offered to non-marketing and non-business majors.

We have a big event going on today, Connect 2011. Give it and the Sales Program a gander.

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