The Crimson White is on Google+

Journalism, Social Media

Add The Crimson White to your Google+ circles.

Google+ Pages launched in early November and two weeks ago we created one for the CW. Set-up was easy and painless: I visited my personal Google+ profile, clicked on the “Create a Google+ Page” icon on the right-side of the screen, selected a category, filled in a few descriptive details and uploaded a profile photo.

At the moment, we’re hacking out a plan to utilize the new platform: How many times a day should we post to the platform? Who will be responsible for managing it? What client will we use to post content?

Despite the lingering questions we’re excited to expand The Crimson White into a new online arena.

For the time being the only drawback I can find is that related to ownership. At the moment, you may only create a Google+ Page after signing into your personal Google+ profile. Furthermore, you can’t transfer ownership or share responsibilities without the use of a third-party client. This issue should be resolved soon, however.

If you haven’t done so already connect with us on the other social media platforms Twitter and Facebook.

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