Introversion is ok and other nuggets from #RWPRSA

Public Relations

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend Real World PR 2012 (#RWPRSA), PRSA|GA’s annual collegiate conference in Atlanta. The conference sessions, which featured prominent public relations professionals such as Reggie Roberts of the Atlanta Falcons (@FalconsPR), Charles Bloom of the SEC (@SECPRGuy), Glen Jackson of Jackson-Spalding and Mickey Nall of Ogilvy (@mickeynall), were captivating, inspiring and highly informative. Although the conference was a treasure trove of one-liners, quotes and advice, below are the three – yes, just three – nuggets that I found most encouraging and insightful.

 1. “Introverts can succeed in PR.” PR professionals are often typed as extroverts. Despite this perception, introverts can succeed in the field. According to one professional, introverts often bring creative and insightful ideas into the fold.

Here’s a recent post from PRDaily on the subject: “PR exec: Nourish your company’s introverts”

2. Writing is the single most important skill an aspiring professional should have. Working knowledge of AP Style, proficiency in media writing and the ability to make text come alive are essential to PR success. This is so much so that one professional wished she had taken “a few more writing courses” while in college.

Here’s a note on writing according to David Ogilvy: “10 Tips on Writing from David Ogilvy”

3. Be politically savvy. A director of media relations for Coca-Cola spoke briefly on office politics. The key to avoiding conflict and getting things done? Collaboration.

Here’s an interesting post from AdAge on the subject: “Goodbye to Office Politics: When Workers Lead the Culture, Collaboration Follows”

Did you attend #RWPRSA? If so, what nuggets did you pick up?

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