Five things I wish I had done while at ‘Bama


Being involved on campus offers a wealth of opportunities including, but not limited to networking, professional, and personal development. Although I’ve done quite a bit in four years, there is more still left undone. Below are a few things I wish I’d taken part in while a student at The University of Alabama.

1) Earned a Sales SpecializationWhatever you think sales is — think again. The Sales Program at Alabama offers challenging coursework, real, hands-on experience and incredible job and internship opportunities.

2) Written for Platform Magazine – Platform Magazine is an excellent way for marketing and public relations majors to share their knowledge and expertise. It looks great in your portfolio and is an ideal way to hone writing and communications skills, both crucial in today’s workplace.

3) Written for The Crimson White – Being able to write effectively and efficiently is important. Writing about random student organizations, events and shannigans is good practice.

4) Interned earlier – Professionals at #RWPRSA made it clear – internship experience is a must. One internship is OK, three or more internships is golden. The more internship experience you have, the more marketable you are. Intern early, intern often.

5) Performed research – Research opportunities, like those afforded by the McNair Scholars Program and student research postions, are readily available on campus. They are a great way to bolster resumes, network with faculty and staff, gain presentation skills and secure internships.

What things do you regret not doing while at Alabama? What would you encourage freshmen to do while at the Capstone?

2 thoughts on “Five things I wish I had done while at ‘Bama

  1. I graduated in 2005 (I know, I’m old!), and I still regret not studying abroad! I’d encourage everyone, especially students of color, to get some international experience. And pick up another language. Our global competitors are often TRIlingual.

    1. I completely agree. The ability to speak multiple languages is a game changer. I, too, wish I’d studied abroad.

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