Just do it. The rest will come.


The last few weeks of the school semester, although hectic, make for good reading. That’s when several of UA’s seniors pen farewell columns and dole out their advice for fame, fortune — just kidding — success and achievement at the Capstone. Underclassmen are encouraged to make mistakes, pursue their passions and leave no regrets. I would beg to add another dictum. That is “just do it” (excuse my Nike.)

Get involved, join a club, play a sport, attend a lecture or participate in a campus event. Don’t be intimidated by the over 300 student organizations on campus. Don’t succumb to the ambiguity of the your career goals or choice of major.

I have a friend whose attention to detail and creative flair made him an excellent event planner. He threw himself into Restaurant and Hospitality Management (RMH) and worked feverishly as a programming assistant on campus. However, he’s since decided event planning isn’t for him and is now pursuing a future in the graphic novels industry as a comic book writer and reviewer.

Just do it. The rest will come.

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